To Foster is to Share Heart and Home with a Child

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Board Overview


The Board of Directors is comprised of 12 foster parents, two from each of the six regions of the province. There are also two community representatives, two youth representatives and two representatives from the Department of Children, Seniors and Social Development.


It is the responsibility of the Board to focus on the development and sustainment of mission and vision for the Association, the development of policy and procedures, and the sustainment of ongoing strategic planning. Responsibility for the day to day operation of the Association rests with the Executive Director. The Board appproaches its responsibility for governance with a style that emphasizes mission and vision, encouragement of diversity in viewpoints, strategic leadership rather than administrative detail, clear distinction of board and staff roles, collective rather than individual decisions, future rather than past or present, and pro-activity rather than reactivity.

More specifically, the Board will:

  • Operate in all ways mindful of the contractual funding agreement with the Department of Child, Youth & Family Services
  • Enforce upon itself and its members whatever discipline is needed to govern with excellence. Discipline will apply to matters such as allegations of abuse and/or neglect, attendance, policymaking, principles, respect of clarified roles, speaking with one voice and self-respecting of any tendency to stray from governance adopted in board policies.
  • Direct control and inspire the organization through the careful establishment of the broadest organizational values and perspectives (policies).
  • Focus chiefly on the long-term impacts (ends) not on the administration of programmatic means of attaining those effects.
  • Be an initiator of policy, not merely a reactor of staff initiatives. The Board itself will be responsible for Board performance. Use the expertise of individual members to enhance the ability of the Board as a body to make wise policy, rather than to substitute their individual values for the group's values.
  • Monitor and regularly discuss the Board's own process and performance. Ensure the continuity of its governance capability by training and development. Monitoring will occur at the end of each board meeting and through written evaluation.
  • Be accountable to the general public and the membership for competent, conscientious and effective accomplishment of its obligations as a body. It will allow no officer, individual, or committee of the Board to usurp this role or hinder this commitment.
  • The board shall strive for consensus in all decisions. Decisions at a meeting that cannot be decided by consensus shall be decided by a majority vote, the chairperson will only vote in the event of a tie.


Accountability: To the foster parents of Newfoundland and Labrador, funders and other stakeholders.

Responsibility: The relentless pursuit of the organization's mission. To ensure financial and legal affairs are in order.

General Duties:

  • Attend and actively participate in Board meetings.
  • Adhere to the agreed upon Board agenda.
  • Abide by and support all Board decisions.
  • Review Board minutes, reports, and other documents prior to Board meetings.
  • Share in work equitably (officer or committee member)
  • Reflect the decisions of the Board outside the organization. Refrain from independent action.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of all Board discussions.
  • Keep up-to-date on community issues and trends.
  • Represent positively the organization in the community.
  • Ensure that the mission of the organization is clear, relevant and drives Board decisions.
  • Hire, evaluate, and, where appropriate, terminate employment of the Executive Director.
  • Assume responsibility for communication between the Board and foster parents in your region.

Evaluation: Board members should individually and collectively evaluate their performance at least once a year prior to the Annual General Meeting.


  • Familiarity with the community
  • Commitment to mission of the organization
  • Decision making/group process skills
  • Time to participate
  • Other expertise as needed by the organization
  • Subscribe to the objectives of the Association

Time Requirement:

  • Approximate number of hours per month - 6
  • Length of commitment - 3 years
  • A board member can be re-elected for a second three year term

Expenses: Participation on the Board is a volunteer activity and members will not be reimbursed for their time.

Board members will be reimbursed for any reasonable expenses incurred conducting pre-approved Board business. Pre-approval is at the Executive Director level.

Possible Reasons for Dismissal:

  • Breach of confidentiality
  • Substantiated Allegation of Abuse or Neglect
  • Failure to follow Board Members' Job Description
  • Criminal Involvement
  • Discriminatory behavior

Board of Directors


Dawn Evelley
Gambo, NL

Marcia Drover
Grand Falls-Windsor, NL



Nicole Shuglo, Secretary
Hopedale, NL



Shirley Fowler, Vice Chair
Roddickton, NL

Marilyn Bridle
Red Bay, NL


Lana Brennan
Pasadena, NL

Debbie O'Neil, Treasurer
Stephenville, NL



Edie Newton, Chair
Angela Blundon
St. John's, NL


Melvina Elliott
Newmans Cove, NL

George Blake
Hants Harbour, NL


Catherine Morris
St. John's, NL

Barry Rice
Zone Manager, Baie Verte, NL


Susan Onalik
St. John's, NL


Nicole Withers
St. John's, NL


Jessica Wall
St. John's, NL