To Foster is to Share Heart and Home with a Child

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About Us

The Newfoundland and Labrador Foster Families Association was established in 1981 as a not for profit registered charity. 


To advance and promote the professional role of foster parents.

To provide a collective voice for Foster Families in Newfoundland and Labrador.

To promote collaborative partnerships that strengthen policies, programs and services which enhance the care and support provided to children and families in a manner that is sensitive to their cultural and individual needs.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Association has responsibilities in the areas of Education, Recruitment, Retention/Support and Advocacy and works with its community partners to meet these responsibilities.


Values and Beliefs

All children must be recognized for their inherent worth and valued for who they are as much as who they will become. Children have a right to be raised in a safe, stable, nurturing environment that ensures their physical, emotional, spiritual and cultural health and well being. Families and communities have a shared responsibility in this regard.